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True to it’s Hungarian origins, one of the main draw cards of ParaPark is the way in which technology is used, not as an in-your-face ostentatious display of visual effects, but rather like a subtle undercurrent that necessitates lateral thinking. To successfully retrieve the evidence and leave the room, players must figure out how to best employ the items around them and how they work. Furthermore, there are no obvious cues to what players need to do for most of the puzzles of Crime Scene 95′. You just have to experiment with what is available to you and be observant. This is definitely a hard room. Lockmeifyoucan

lexi, pyko and lexi's sister

At the start, the creepy-factor wasn't too bad. There were elements that gave us pause, but nothing too scary. The puzzles were pretty straightforward - find the keys, find out what to unlock, gather clues. We also got quite a few items we had no idea what to do with, and spend a while puzzling over them. Then we hit the next part and everything kicked into high gear. One person in our group was so freaked out she was too scared to go anywhere alone. The room's decor, the sounds, the lighting - everything was straight out of a paranormal horror movie and you could believe you were in one. For all that we told each other it was just a room, it was terrifying. (lexi says: I may have screamed a few times but there is no evidence of the fact.) lexi, pyko and lexi's sister


ParaPark is a famous escape room franchise originally from Budapest, and the venue in Sydney is worthy of the name. This is an elaborate and well-built room and deserves the effort to travel there. A quick note: ParaPark Sydney also has a room called 9B Gateway. It’s exactly the same room, built so that two teams can play at the same time. Lockmeifyoucan


More people are using the escape rooms for birthday parties and celebrations like Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, says Noemi, who runs Parapark in Sydney’s Macquarie Park. Her rooms include 9A Gateway, with a mission to drag out captive spirits from the darkness and free them before you’re also trapped in their world, and CrimeScene’95, the site of a “bone-chilling crime” that you have to solve and stop the murderer before he comes back “and stops you”. “These games are proving very popular, they’re taking off,” Noemi says. “I think as it becomes more wildly known, it’ll be more and more accepted. I’ve just been to a conference for escape rooms in Amsterdam and it’s huge in Europe, and it’s just starting here.” Usually, the room is viewed via CCTV by the game-master who delivers more clues when he or she sees that the players are making no headway. SUE WILLIAMS


This was the best escape room I've ever been to. The owners/staff clearly take pride in their work and have invested in making the experience challenging and fun. We did the ‘Passage no. 9’ room with two people. The puzzles were ingenious but all solvable, requiring a mix of teamwork, lateral thinking, physical skills and observation, and the room was cleverly designed to provide many fun surprises and ‘a-ha!’ moments. We were engrossed all the way to the end. David


“Fabulous Family Fun” Fantastic! Parapark was our first escape room experience, we went with our four adult children ages 20-30. It was so much fun!!! The puzzles kept six of us busy for an hour - we escaped with only a few minutes left. We loved the challenge, and appreciated the option for hints if needed. We spent an hour in the room, and at last two hours afterwards talking about how great it was! Highly recommended. Kitty


“Great Fun” This was my first 'escape room' experience, as we did this a bit last minute we were only left with the more difficult room - Crime Scene) - There were 4 of us in total. Although we required a little assistance, we still all really enjoyed it and would be back to try the other rooms. The staff there were exceptional, and clearly love what they do. Chris


“Fantastic!” I've done a couple of escape rooms before, but there were 3 novices in our group who were a little nervous about what the next 60 minutes would entail. We needed quite a few clues, but got out with a few minutes to spare. Some of the puzzles were very inventive and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We did the crime scene room, and I highly recommend it. LeanneZ6


“Extremely Fun!” I have been to several escape rooms around Sydney, and I had to say that this is one of the best ones I have experienced so far. Without spoilers, things really are not as they seem and the surprises are very cool and fun. I would recommend this to everyone who enjoys a bit of lateral thinking and likes a challenge. I certainly hope to be returning for the Crime Scene escape room. JuneW83

A TripAdvisor Member

An awesome experience and not one to miss. If you have ever played games such as Machinarium, monkey island or device 9 you will definitely enjoy this real life puzzle escape room version. The owners were great, talking us through the process and providing clues along the way. They even debriefed us at the end and sought honest feedback. Mysterious, clever with a well laid out design we can't say enough how happy we were with this experience. A TripAdvisor Member

Emma Joyce

It’s the only exit room north of the bridge, and they’re giving Sydney’s more established companies a run for their money with the expertise and backing of ParaPark – a global network of puzzle rooms that started in Budapest. There’s just the one theme, but the couple have plans to develop two more rooms that will book-end the experience: one for newbies or families, and one for experienced gamers. We’re a little nervous about the paranormal edge of Passage no. 9, which requires a minimum of three players, but our games masters prepare us with one radio, a torch and a notepad and pen. Our first, untimed challenge is to locate the key to open the door – hidden in a wall of key shapes. Success! We’re off, scurrying around the dimly lit space for unusual objects or padlocks. Emma Joyce

Scott M

The atmosphere there is very cool. When you arrive, you sit down in a waiting room and are given instructions on the room, together with a torch, pencil, notepad and walkie talkie. Our group did the 9A Gateway theme. They currently only have the one room but have plans to open additional rooms in the near future. This room was the fourth escape room that my group had done in Sydney. Scott M


In the room with them are various vehicle parts, a computer and a walkie-talkie, which their captor uses to taunt them as a timer counts down their remaining seconds. “You can’t manage to get out on your own,” says Attila Gyurkovics, watching the futile efforts of his four captives via video surveillance. It may sound like their vacation has gone terribly wrong, but the four have actually paid to be incarcerated and, it seems, they’re enjoying themselves. HELENE BIENVENU CNN

Krisztián Kummer BBJ

Imagine that you and your friends are locked up in a dark, creepy cellar and have only one hour to escape. You have to find clues, keys and the way to the exit through a series of puzzles and mind-breakers. Sounds familiar? Then you have probably seen TV shows like the Crystal Maze or played classic point and click computer games from the ’80s and’90s like Myst, Zak McKracken, or the Monkey Island series. Or, quite possible, you spend half of your working hours playing the myriads of ‘escape the room’ flash games on the Internet. Krisztián Kummer BBJ


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