5 Urban Legends of Australia

5 Urban Legends of Australia

When it comes to urban legends and folk stories, not many people would cite Australia as the holder of the omnibus edition. They couldn’t be any further from the truth. The Land Down Under has its very own and distinctive collection of urban legends, characteristic of the land and its people. Here’s a list of 5 true Aussie stories that will capture your imagination!

Everybody knows that every single living thing in Australia is out there to kill you. Spiders, snakes, crocodiles and even the odd looking platypus has the power to cause immense pain or even death to a human being. In this naturally rich environment, the tales of Aboriginals warn you of the bunyip, an animal lurking in waterholes to catch its victim. The bunyip is a predator large enough to vanquish a human, who comes close to water. The exact appearance of this mythical creature is not certain, but it usually has a tail, a set of claws and a strong jaw with deadly teeth, and sometimes a tusk or scales. Although several bunyips have been sighted in the past centuries, scientist still have no evidence for its existence.

In Brisbane, otherworldly beings were reported to scare the life out of the living. Goodna Cemetery is a not a particularly scary place, but most people avoid it at night because of the mythical hands that haunt anyone who dares to wander close to the cemetery. According to the stories, the hands attack anyone who gets close and they slap or scratch the victim to scare him or her off. On specific story mentions a man, who ran away when he heard strange sounds, but when he tried to start his car, the engine didn’t respond. He spent the night in the car, hiding from the strange beings, just to discover in the morning that scratch marks have appeared on the car’s painting as if someone was trying to get inside.

Sydney has a remote and otherwise completely uninteresting train station called Macquarie Fields.It has been reported that when the last train leaves the station, silent crying can be heard from the platform. Nobody knows where it comes from, but sometimes it turns into a painful scream in the night. Some people said they saw a teenage girl with a blood covering her body. Some even said that the girl stared at them.

There are dozens of stories of haunted houses from all around Australia but none compare to Schneider’s Alley. A century ago, Dr. Schneider lived in a great manor with his wife and daughter. Tragedy struck the family when Mrs. Schneider and the little girl got killed in an accident. This prompted the madness of Dr. Schneider, who started kidnapping people and performing operations on them without anesthesia. Some were even mutilated and the mad surgeon formed grotesque bodies. Ghost hunters and tourists often visit the place to spot the screams of patients in the night.

Another mythical being from Australia is the yowie, a large hominid claimed to live in the forest. The beast is similar to the yeti or the Sasquatch, a giant man-like beast, who attacks humans if they disturb him. It has been sighted several times, some even claim they have original recordings, but scientists categorize it as an urban legend without evidence.

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