The Short History of Escape Gaming in Australia

The Short History of Escape Gaming in Australia

You probably do not see a lot of escape rooms in Sydney - or even Australia - a lot, but don’t worry, because escape rooms are starting to spread in Australia, starting with the Parapark Sydney. Parapark Sydney prides itself on being the pioneer - as in the first - escape room in New South Wales!

So how exactly did escape rooms start to find footings in Australia? Mind you, escape game is still not that popular a game in the country, however, people do know about these things and everyone is beginning to wonder why it is taking so long for escape games to begin emerging in Australia.

Here’s the thing: the escape game was created by SCRAP Entertainment, an entertainment studio based in Japan, because they seem to always have the best ideas when it comes to gaming. Case in point: escape games. Eventually, the influence began to spread and the first predecessor of escape game to exist outside of the white flag with the red sun is Parapark in Hungary.

The founder, Attila Gyurkovics, developed the first escape room facility which meets the usual escape game criteria: people pay to be locked in a room, and they will have to search for clues and hints spread out across the room to get out within a limited time. Little did he know that this simple little game that does not require much could become such a rave locally, and eventually, worldwide.

Upon witnessing the success of his local escape room facility in Hungary, Mr Guyrkovics went ahead and established outlets and branches all across the globe - creating a global market and instigating a worldwide trend of escape games. Parapark has established marks in countries like Germany, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and last but not least, Sydney.

And that is how Australia witnessed the first ever escape room facility within its confinements. Skepticism was unfulfilled as the people of Australia began to catch wind of an escape game in the country, and they started flooding the place to get a taste of what it is like to take part in a Sydney escape room.



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