Tips on Winning an Escape Game

Tips on Winning an Escape Game

Escape rooms are one of the most popular pastimes in not just Australia, but all over the world. As trends for escape gaming continue to show growth across on all boards, more and more teams struggle with the same question: how can one escape successfully from a room? Are there any common tricks and tips for doing so? Simply put, how to win at escape gaming?

While there is no surefire way, as every room and every team is different - obviously -, however, throughout the years here at escape room sydney we have still managed to identify some common traits that all successful teams share. One of these traits is communication. While it is to be expected that all members of a group will talk to each other, we found that those teams where there is a constant line of communication between the players, are usually better at overcoming obstacles. And by constant communication we really do mean chatty people! Even if the information seems mundane for you, someone else, standing in the other side of the room, might find it useful!

Another interesting thought is that group size, age or any other demographic factors have no bearing on what teams escape and those who are stuck forever (ok, maybe not forever!). This might have nothing to do with any of the above, but there are, however, teams that are more open-minded, and it is always down to attitude. Those teams who go in with a “let’s get to it mates” attitude are always the ones who solve the puzzles before the clock hits zero.

Yet another key element is daring to ask for help, and doing so at the right moment. The game masters at escape room sydney are friendly, and will give you a hint every now and then, but it is important to remember not to use this lifeline in the opening minutes of the game. Take your time, explore the room, and after trying everything and anything at least twice, maybe start considering going for that lifeline!

Sydney boasts probably the riches escape gaming scene in Australia, the rooms, the player and the fun shared is something that we can all be proud of! Remember these simple guidelines on you next trip to Parapark, and you might turn out to be one of the lucky escapees!t




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