Top Unsolved Cases from the Past

Top Unsolved Cases from the Past

There are some crimes that just cannot be solved. Maybe it was the murderer, or the circumstances, but no detective was good enough to figure it out. As time passes, it just gets closer to impossible. Our escape rooms offer similar mysteries to those, who dare to enter. The games we invented got inspiration from the most curios cases is criminal history. Here’s a list of our top picks!

Chicago is famous not just for being the windy city, but for harboring the most dangerous criminals of the United States. A strange dual murder happened in 1956 that has no explanation to date. The Grimes sisters were heading to the movie to see Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender on a cold December day. They never returned. A campaign was launched and the police force was unleashed on the case, even Elvis pleaded for their return. A month later, their bodies were found next a deserted road. Nobody ever ventured close to figure out the motives or the identity of the perpetrator.

In 1943, a mysterious case shook England when a group of boys found a skull in a tree in Worcestershire. The remains of a decomposing body were found nearby and the parts were taken to forensic examination. A few days later, somebody painted a graffiti on a nearby tree saying “Who put Bella in the witch elm.” The woman’s true identity is still unknown and the case remains unsolved.

The 70’s were strange times and murders were not always easy to solve. The “Doodler” case had a mysterious murderer, who killed 14 gay men after drawing a sketch of them. The serial killer was unknown to the police and the investigation was halted several times. Police detectives were not very keen on continuing work on the case due to the rampant homophobia among the police force. The killer was never identified, the case was closed.

A tragic case happened in 1959 in Osprey, Florida, when the Walker couple and their two kids were murdered. The detectives had 587 suspects so far, but still didn’t manage to solve the case. There was one suspect, who confessed, serial killer Emmet Monroe Spencer. Though it might seem convenient, the authorities rejected his testimony and reopened the murder case. The reason was very simple, Spencer was a pathological liar and his testimony cannot be trusted.

Although a subject of films and dark stories, occult sects have been identified as perpetrators of bizarre murders. This horrifying case happened in 1972 in Springfield, New Jersey. A 16 year-old girl, Jeannette DePalma was found dead, when the family’s dog brought back her forearm after going missing for weeks. The police report was never published, witnesses confirmed that the body was found in a pentagram amongst occult objects. Investigation was closed and the case remains a mystery.

Crime stories offer a thrilling adventure to the dark side of the human soul. If you ever fancied these stories, you have to see our murder inspired creations. Try our escape room and dive into the world of mysterious cases!



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