What Makes an Escape Room Stand Out?

What Makes an Escape Room Stand Out?

Whether it's a work function, a stag-do, a day out with friends, or just an excuse to make a ridiculous YouTube video, its pretty hard not to have a good time navigating one of these excellent escape rooms! Yeah, sure you could sit at home watching TV or mowing the lawns, or washing the gerbil or whatever it is fully-grown adults are meant to do (I wouldn’t know, I’ve never met one), but why? I promise you it’s a lot more fun to lock yourself in a room with a bunch of people you may or may not know intimately, and under the guise of teamwork and cooperation attempt to undermine your peers, silence the bossy know-it-all and impress everyone else with your sharp wit and cunning intellect,all the while racing against the clock and your own sanity!

But not any old escape room will do! What follows is a comprehensive list of key elements of an excellent escape room - all of which are part and parcel of you Sydney Escape Room experience!

Immersive Sets

A lot of time and energy, and no little ingenuity, is required to make an escape room feel like it really needs to be escaped from. Whether it’s a magnificent ballroom or a murky cellar, the handicraft and mastery of set design comes first and foremost for a truly exceptional escape room. Only the guy who yells ‘CUT!’ and the guy who watches 87 near-identical takes of a 5-second scene are more interested in the intricacies of set design than the escape room specialists.

Game Masters

Also known as MasterGamers, the Escape Room Master, and ‘That W***er That Won’t Tell Us Where The Next Clue Is’, an experienced and passionate Game Master is an integral part of a standout escape room. They keep the tension and excitement high, and the arguments and dystopian social hierarchies to a minimum, and are committed to making sure everyone has a great time. Most importantly, if fights break out and resolutions do not appear to be forthcoming, the Game Master knows the way out.

All the Bells and Whistles

And levers, and gears, and pulleys, and hidden passageways, and revolving bookcases. In a room where you're meant to feel like you're navigating a movie scene, the devil is in the details. The best escape rooms have specially designed props and mechanics to immerse you in the world of mystery and/or crime and/or horror and/or vampire detective werewolf romance.

Thematic Intrigue

From the glitz and glamour of a red-carpet murder, to a Conan Doyle-inspired detective escapade, to a deadly laboratory accident, an exquisite escape room is all about the story. Immersive, intriguing, and most importantly, entertaining, a high quality theme makes an escape room enjoyable for everyone involved. The best themes even keep the Game Masters excited and on their toes! Sydney Escape Rooms story options are designed to challenge and excite you, with a breakthrough every ten minutes (quicker if you’re really on to it!) and build up to a dramatic finale.

The Challenge

Escape rooms are meant to be hard; the enjoyment comes from the challenge of overcoming the odds using cunning, teamwork and critical thinking. But as real and intense as it feels when you're in there, there's no serial killer, no plot to overthrow the government and no missing cherry pie, so there's no point keeping everyone locked in a room with no way out. The best escape rooms find this balance - through Game Masters and well-timed story-lines, and by keeping the tension at just the right level. Think of yourself as the subject in an elaborate science experiment designed to test the human social order under pressure…

Check out the best escape rooms in Sydney, for all the above and more. Bring your friends, your co-workers, people you want to impress or just intellectually intimidate, or even just grab a bunch of random strangers off the street and have an unforgettable experience trying to outwit a series of inanimate objects and imaginary foes!

Failing all that, try this (Editors note: We do not condone or encourage this kind of behaviour. It probably would be fun though).



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