Whom Do We Recommend Escape Rooms?

Whom Do We Recommend Escape Rooms?

First of all, we like to say that escape gaming is for everyone. Everyone, and anyone, can take part in our Sydney escape room and have a hell of a lot of fun. However, there may be age limits applied, depending on the room you choose to go in. Other than that, bring everyone you know and come to Parapark Sydney, the original escape room in Sydney, and train your brain cells with us!

Despite the fact that we do think escape game is for everyone, there are still some people who are more suitable for escape games than someone else. And we highly recommend you to come and play with us if you are looking for a fun experience!

Corporate Teams
You don’t have to say it and everyone knows that working can be a lot of stress on a person, regardless of what field you are working in. And this is especially when you are put into a team consisting a lot of strangers, whom you do not know at all. The thing about being put in a team is that you are practically surrounded with strangers, and it can be difficult to discover camaraderie with people whom you’ve barely spoken to or have never met at all in your entire life. At times like this, the best way to get to know your colleagues and get an idea how far their intelligence go is by taking part in an escape game.

It does not matter if you are a newbie in a new college or university, or you are a newcomer at a company, you can always try to break the ice by participating in an escape game. Let’s be real, it is weird to just turn to your left or right and say hello, and then expect that you will be best friends until you die. That is a feat that can be virtually impossible and tasking for those who find it hard to socialize. Hence, get yourself and your newfound acquaintances trapped in a Sydney escape room and get the hell on with it! You may be surprised at how much you can learn about each other when you are trapped in a room and you have to work together to get out.

How do you spend your family days or nights? Playing Monopoly? That might very well cause an emancipation rather than draw your family members closer. It is time to change things up a bit, and a very effective method to spend time with your family is by heading over to the nearest escape room Sydney and choose a room that is family friendly! By then, you won’t even have to feel embarrassed about cursing in front of your parents because now is not the time!



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