Christmas voucher request

Christmas is one of, if not the biggest, of the year’s puzzles. Many people often don’t even come to the correct solution. Don’t be one of those people.
Present the gift of a limited edition ParaPark Sydney Christmas tree decoration to your loved ones, in which you could even hide a smaller surprise if you wish to, but its not a must, as we have already hidden something special inside, something big! A secret code of which the receiver of the gift can use to choose any of ParaPark Sydney’s rooms and gain free entry for him or her as well as their team of up to 6 players.
The ParaPark Sydney Christmas tree decoration from -the galaxy’s first escape room- even hides a little something for the sender of the voucher. If he/she can crack the riddle hidden inside, the sender gains an extra 20% discount off their next game at ParaPark Sydney.
We have created this season’s ideal gift vouchers of which you can fold to create an elegant Christmas tree decoration to give as a gift to your loved ones, so as to turn the very process of the gift into a game. The Christmas gift voucher will be sent to you in PDF format in order to make the perfect gift accessible in even the very last moments before Christmas, for those of you who love to procrastinate or have run out of ideas.
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Used in: Sydney
Price 300.00 AUD
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